At Lewis & Llewellyn we handle litigation throughout the country and the world.  Partner Evan Burbidge recently worked alongside Zimmerman Booher, Utah’s premiere appellate boutique, to file an amicus brief regarding a unique and far-reaching constitutional issue in Utah.  The underlying case is currently before the Utah Supreme Court and the outcome will have significant ramifications for all cities and towns in Utah, and perhaps beyond.


The amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief was filed in support of Salt Lake City’s effort to regain control over one-fifth of its land and associated taxes in connection with the creation of an “inland port.”  This port was created by the Utah Legislature and gives an unelected board effective control over the development of a large swath of Salt Lake City’s land and incremental tax revenues—with the ultimate goal to build and operate a transportation hub linking rail, truck, and air transportation in Utah.


In the brief, we argue that the Utah Constitution prohibits this transfer of municipal power to an unelected board.  Lewis & Llewellyn is proud to contribute to this significant effort.

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